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Our eSHINE SHELTER is a high lumen Solar Powered LED Lighting System for use in all types of shelters. It has been designed to light up public shelters, transport shelters or any public area that requires lighting for the community to enjoy after dark. Our solar shelters lights are vandal resistant and applications include Solar bus shelter lighting, solar toilet block lighting, solar shelter lighting and solar advertising lighting to name a few. The lighting system is a super bright, low profile, robust and vandal resistant lighting fixture which connects direct to solar for instant light without the expensive task of running mains power. The eSHINE SHELTER system comes with security bolts for parts including, solar panel, battery box and LED Lamps to reduce theft and vandalism. Available in 3 Watt, 5 Watt, and 7 Watt.
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Solar Shelter Lighting

Our eSHINE STREET lighting system has been engineered for use on all major arterial roadways and pedestrian access lighting areas. RP8 Compliant, and designed to directly replace gas discharge street lamps while consuming less than half the power. Gas discharge lighting, including sodium, mercury vapor, fluorescent, and CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps), have a short life expectancy. Within their short lifespan, the light output is reduced dramatically as they age. In fact, after 12 months of running, there is only around 20% to 30% light output. Our LED systems will last 250,000+ hours with a maximum of only 9% light output reduction over their entire life. Direct Lighting with special designed lens puts light where you want - on the ground.

Our Solar-Powered eSHINE Street LEDS Luminaire lighting systems for the Midwest include three powerful solar street lighting systems that incorporate the latest high-powered solid-state semiconductor LEDs available today (20 Watt, 40 Watt, 60 Watt). These LEDs have been strategically positioned into our luminaries’ mold to produce perfect photometric data with asymmetrical batwing–type curves, with IES and CIE files for easy light design, to give much better pole spacing, for lower costs compared to our competitors.

Our VALEN Light AC/GRID LED Luminaires provides both
LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION and 10+ YEARS performance reducing the maintenance costs of changing bulbs; rental of a lift; and changing ballast. Available in (20 Watt, 40 Watt, 60 Watt, 80 Watt, 100 Watt, 120 Watt, and 160 Watt) LED. Our CANOPY; WALL PACKS; and FLOOD LED Lighting is also available in a variety of Wattages and 240 Watt FLOOD
More information and technical data see:
Solar Street Lighting

Our eSHINE Solar Bollard lights are ideal for landscape lighting applications for marking pathways and walkways, as well as designating borders of various outdoor areas including seating areas, corporate park walkways, docks, and marina applications. The E-SHINE solar bollard light is the first system to replace wired lights, and enhance all landscape designs. The optics and lumen output are top of the line and have no equals in the market.
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Solar Powered Bollard

Our eSHINE NAV is a unique solar powered illuminated street sign system which is totally stand alone and illuminates after dark each night. Street names can be hard to read or even be seen most of the time at night and during the day. Solar streetscapes have designed the solar powered eSHINE NAV for easier navigate around city streets and towns. The eSHINE NAV is made from a strong light weight aluminum enclosure and polycarbonate display panels. Our super bright low wattage LED's have been designed specifically for this product to balance battery life and visibility. No wiring required.
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Solar Street Sign

Our E-SHINE Pathway is designed for walkways, pathways, campus, parks, bases, and general pedestrian area lighting. An exceptional light fixture with the widest and most uniform spread of pedestrian fixtures in the market. Simply plot the light and place it in the ground. Zero wiring to the grid, and zero energy cost means enhanced use of pathways in any location.
For additional information on this product see:
Solar Path Lighting

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